I am changing the name to JABear. Pronounced "YA BEAR" 1-1-2023

The JABear bear spray holster is multi functional. Fits in a standard bike water bottle cage. Works with the 8" tall, 8oz, can. Padded design for snug, secure fit on bike. And to protect can from dents. Yet allow fast access when needed.

Alot of "experts" say to not carry your bear spray on your bike, but on your body. Contact me if you would like to hear about the reasons for bike carry!

 Also has belt loops for use on waist belt of backpack.My padded hip belts on my bigger packs are designed to hold the JABear, for a one handed draw of the can.

 Another way to carry the JABear, is with a small clip that I like to put on the lower shoulder strap webbing. This way the JABear hangs down at your side at a handy location. You could also replace the small clip with a small carabiner.

 Most colors available. I tend to think that a bright color is good for visibility. $25

Please contact me before ordering! Thanks!