Big Sky Butt Flaps/Beavertails

Hello! As of 10- 2023 We are all systems go! Folks have been ordering Beavertails.


Please, don't over think these things. They hang down your butt and flap. You won't notice them untill you sit down on that frozen chair! And you want them long.

 Thanks to all for ordering Beavertails! When you order with PayPal, I get an e-mail from them with your order info. YES, I got your order. Please be patient, I try to ship same day, but I don't want to run to the PO everyday. I always send out a thank you e-mail when I ship, if not sooner. I ship USPS cheapest, slowest, so Please plan ahead. Hope everyone understands. Have a great season!!   Jim

Please , to our Canadian friends, order with shipping to Canada!! In pull down on buy button. Thank you!

OK, these are kind of goofy but if you are going to catch first chair on a powder day, or ski on a storm day , they come in handy! It has also been pointed out to me that in high humidity areas, that rime ice forms on chairs without a snow cloud in sight! They are worn around the waist and hang down the back, so when you sit down on that snowy chair, your backside is protected.This concept is not new, and I don't take credit for it. The explorer Amundsen met arctic natives wearing long skin flaps down their backsides. Popular at areas such as Whitefish and Snowbowl,( where they are known as Beavertails). Ski patrollers love them too,after all they are getting the real first chair. They help keep your backside dry and warm.( The rest of you, you're on your own.) Keep it in the car for those wet days.These are named after the mud flaps that are hanging off the backs of Montana( Big Sky Country) pickup trucks (Big Sky Mud Flaps). Or maybe you remember the old Bitterroot valley swing band with that same name.

Made of 500d cordura and closed cell foam. Black is standard.

A ski bums best friend!

Please be careful anytime you're riding a chair lift!

Size - @ 20" wide by 29" long -  You want it to be around your waist and hang down past your knees ( to keep the back of your knees dry) and you can cinch it up high or let it hang low. Normally you would wear these under your jacket, not over like the photo. Belt is good for up to 57" waist. They are 29" long!! You want them long!

Please, keep away from high heat! Like a wood stove. The foam may(will) shrink, not to mention the nylon fabric. Thank you.

Trying to keep things simple, I have set up pricing to include average shipping costs. Not free shipping!

$45.00 includes shipping to U.S. address. Please give an address that USPS delivers to. To Canada the price includes extra shipping. (at least $20 more for one).In pull down of the buy button. Thanks, to our Canadian neighbors!

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