Gneiss Pack

The Gneiss (say "nice") Pack is my hiking and biking pack.

This is a soft pack, it has no frame, just a foam back panel. For biking you don't want a stiff pack. I could just call this the "all day ride" it has the capacity to carry what you need for an all day adventure. I regularly carry up to 15 pounds in this pack. In Montana you need to be prepared for whatever weather. It may start out cool in the shade, then get hot in the sun, only to have rain or hail in the afternoon. Hopefully it doesn't snow on you too! 

I put what I call a compression panel for a back pocket. This is a foam stiffened auxiliary pocket that lets you completely compress the pack for shorter excursions.I carry my extra tubes and my tire pump here, when riding. Stuff you need to carry, but may not need every ride.

The light weight shoulder pads wick moisture and dry fast, along with the back panel.The main zipper is just long enough for access, without having the pack fall open when unzipped. Sticking to my premise of keeping the zippers on the short side.Kind of like a zippered toploader.

Lots of options contact me  $200 or so. Button not correct.