What others say

Hey everyone, if you would like to add a testimonial here please just fire me off an e-mail at jrschipf@gmail.com and I will post it. Thank you very much. It does mean a lot to me. I count on others saying how they like my gear.

"This is my 23rd year proudly using J.A. packs. I have a Ridge Pack for skiing at Bridger Bowl, a bike pack for mountain bike season, and a third pack for day hikes. Scarcely a week of my life goes by when I don't strap a J.A. pack to my waist. You can tell, just by looking at them, that J.A. packs are made by an experienced outdoorsman -- there's no unnecessary bells and whistles; all the straps are in the perfect spot; the pockets are the ideal size and just where you want them. The packs are made to use and built to last. They're hand-sewn in Bozeman with pride and care. I love my J.A. packs, and can't imagine my life without them."

– Mike Finkel, writer, National Geographic Magazine

Julie B. in AK writes;

" ... I love your packs! I think all my big and small journeys through the world have included a  JA pack. I still use the pack that was eaten by rats in Madagasscar!  I just got back from skiing in Japan."

Pam says:

"... they're faithful" 

Here's what Barb Lange has to say:

"I have owned a JA Gear pack for twenty years! Although I originally bought my Ridge Pack for hiking the ridge at Bridger Bowl, it really has become the most all-purpose pack I have. The Ridge Pack has always been comfortable, not too big as to push you half off the lift chair, and none of those extraneous flapping straps you see on other packs. My Ridge Pack carrys my skis easily and securely, and has room for my climbing skins, lunch, thermos, and some extra clothes. I like the secure inner zipper pocket to carry my necessaries.Did I mention the inner webbing loop that keeps your probe from flopping around?"

"This year I won a lovely Mystery Ranch pack at a local event. Sweet, I thought. It too was well built and for a week or two I gave it the full on ski test drive. But I had to put my JA pack back on! I prefer to carry the weight divided between my hips and shoulders, like the Ridge Pack does. The other pack was designed to carry the weight on my waist, and the skis were carried higher above my head. When the wind is blowing 20 miles per hour (or more) on the ridge top, it was like having a kite on your back. Yikes! The extra annoyance factor was that the other pack did not allow me access to the outside pockets of my parka, a needless hassle and design flaw."

" Jim's packs just work! He is out there doing it in the mountains and he knows what works. I'll carry on with my Ridge Pack for skiing, biking, and hiking Montana trails year round! Maybe I can give that other pack away..."

Barbara L.    Bozeman, MT


"My J.A.pack has been an essential part of my ski gear for over twenty years! Skis, boot ,poles, pass, pack. It fits so well I am usually unaware it's on my back. I am short waisted and the short version fits without riding too low on my hips. It's quick and easy to get my skiis on and off for hiking, forget about throwing them over your shoulder. So much nicer when both hands are free!

This is not just a ski specific pack. I use it mountain biking and hiking too. The exterior straps are well placed without being overly engineered. You do not need an owners manual to use this pack. Simple, steamlined, well designed and made. What more do you need?

Meryll P.   Bozeman, MT


"In fall 2014, I got the Black Diamond Agent pack to carry skis and otherwise use throughout the day on the ski hill.  On the ski lifts, it took up a bit of room between my back and the lift chair ... not all that comfortable.  While at my folks in the Bozeman area over Xmas/New Years, I came upon a short review of the Ridge SB Pack in the free (but very well done) Outdoor Bozeman magazine. It sounded like the cure to too much room being taken up behind my back on the lift chair.  I ordered one and it was the cure!  The Black Diamond Agent pack will have to find another home or use.  I have ordered additional Ridge Packs for teenage ski friends.  Besides the targeted use of hiking to the ridge top with ones skis or snowboard on the Pack ... it frees up ones hands to assist others when walking from the vehicle to the lift line.  I look forward to also using it for day hikes.  The design is simple and rugged.  The Black Diamond D7 shovel (with retractable handle) will zip up in it (I have the short model Ridge Pack)."

Mark F.    Pullman, WA

Mark also writes;

                                                                                                                                                                                             " Went out with the kids I had recently given the Ridge Packs to.We were at Brundage ski area near McCall ID. and the packs were a big hit! The mountain was having power issues one morning.We had to hike back to the main area. The kids with the Ridge Packs strapped on skis, poles, and snowboards, and started making the trudge.They remarked how much easier it was to carry everything with the pack!"