Ridge Pack

Notice---The price for shipping a pack has gone up considerably! So I've added Buy Button options for "with shipping" and "for pickup". Price increase is mostly from shipping cost! Also, I'm limited to 10 color choices in the color pulldown, but all the colors are listed above the button at the bottom of the page, so let me know if the color isn't in the pulldown!

I am now making 6  sizes of Ridge Packs! xxs to xl. Sizes only differ by length. Shoulder pads are sized accordingly.( Not all sizes are in pulldown, let me know what you want.)

​I started making Ridge Packs 30+ years ago to carry my skis up The Ridge at Bridger Bowl, Montana. As with so many ski areas these days, at Bridger Bowl you have to hike to access the best terrain and the most consistent powder turns. The Ridge Pack is designed to carry your boards up the boot pack!

The Ridge Pack's low profile -- it extends only three inches from your back -- allows you to   comfortably ride the chairlift without removing your pack. Then, when it's time to hike, the Ridge Pack will easily carry your skis, or your snowboard. It takes less than 30 seconds to clip your skis or snowboard into place on the pack.


 You'll never have to carry your skis over your shoulder again -- no more struggling while hiking with your gear.

 Got a long walk from your car to the lifts? Throw your skis on your pack and relax!

 Short people find that a Ridge Pack offers nice back support while sitting in the chair.


       Ridge Pack Tips -

 Slide ski tails through loop at bottom of pack.If you have flat tails,hold the pack upright with the loop at snow level, and stick tails through loop and into snow. If you have twin tip skis you will have to put tails into loop one at a time. The loop will accommodate some pretty wide skis, my Bent Chetlers fit just fine.

Next, lift up the pack and wrap top strap around skis, preferably above (in front of) the toe piece. To hold the skis more 
securely,wrap the strap twice around your skis ( I recommend you do this).
Your skis will ride better,( on the pack anyway), if the pack is somewhat full. Carry an extra puffy coat. 
Horizontal straps are for snowboards. You will have to think about this a little bit. Again if the pack is somewhat full your board will ride better (on the pack). Put it high or low, whatever feels more comfortable to you.The buckles need to be on the top flat of the board.You will need to have these straps kind of tight, be aware and pay attention when you reef on them! Sometimes they do break, but you have two extras on the pack ( ski buckle and sternum strap ) if that happens. See note at bottom!
You don't need the horizontal straps for carrying skis!

Horizontal straps are handy for strapping extra stuff (crampons, jacket) on the back.

 I make the RP with a simple 1" belt. Use it! Even a belt this size can take some weight off your shoulders if you snug it up a little.

 The Ridge Pack is designed to hold a wide range of shovels, but small plastic-bladed shovels like Lifelink or Ortovox are recommended. Or maybe the new metal Black Diamond shovels. Put shovel handle and probe through loops on inside of pack.

Get a flexible Platypus style water bag.

Goggles fit well inside the top when hiking (then they won't fog).

Be sure to always keep buckles fastened to keep them from catching on chair when unloading!

Did I mention to always keep the buckles fastened to keep them from catching on chair when unloading?

Keep pack on your back and it won't get stolen!

Use it all year long!

Six standard sizes-​ length x 3 1/2" thick x 11" wide

xxs 16" long. 

xs -- 18" long

Short -- 20"

Regular-- 22"

Large -- 24"

xl -- 26"

If you want a size other than s-m-l (not in pulldown) just let me know

If you are concerned with cubic inches --- length x width x thickness

Belt is good for up to @56" circumference.( Let me know if you want-need it longer.)

Range of colors.

Left to right: Red, Rust, Orange, Yellow, Wasabi,Forest green, Olive drab, Dark Blue, Magenta, Charcoal Grey, Titanium, Purple, Pink, Toxic(fluorescent)Green, Fluorescent Pink, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Black. ( I guess the rust looks alot like the coyote,in the pic, but it's like a brick red.)

As you can see in the other photos, the color is only on the zipper flap, the rest of the pack is black. ALL PACKS MADE TO ORDER!

Please note - The pack that is pictured in the Outside Bozeman article is a little different than what I normally make. That pack is the SB and the only difference is the horizontal straps are 1" ( not 3/4") with a dual adjust buckle. If you Mostly snowboard this is what you want, so let me know (email) when you order. The bigger buckles will stand a little more abuse.

Not to say that the 3/4" size won't work with a snowboard, but I've kind of worked the Ridge Pack as mainly a ski pack

$150.00 includes shipping to US address.Long packs are $155.00. Before you order from outside the U.S., Please contact me(email) and we can figure out the extra shipping costs. Sorry for any inconvenience!

If you are local Bozeman, you don't need to order online.

406-587-2504 Call if any questions