big packs

I have been making a pack similar to this for years, and the name fits. How big do you want? Not one size fits all, but frame length, shoulder pads, hipbelt, and capacity, made to order. The frame suspension has a padded hip belt, single alumnium stay, full length (but not huge) plastic frame sheet, hook and loop length adjust. This example shown has roll top closure with zipper pocket in the shroud. I also build this pack with the more traditional draw cord top closure with extendable shrould. Also shown with top pocket, which is removable. ( I usually remove mine). Also shown with accessory back pockets,also removable. Pack bag is one single piece of fabric with a simple straight shape to ease loading, not too many internal seams. Not shown-Internal hydration sleeve and hose port in shroud. I can also build with (traditional) draw cord top closure with shroud. This example is @6000ci. Less than four pounds.

Pack - $300  Accessory pockets included. You do not need to spend a fortune on a quality pack. Others sell a similar pack for hundreds more! ( and you just get a bunch of techy crap that adds weight and doesn't help you carry it!) I can set you up with a demo if you'd like.